⑥_BRM830Hiroshima300k Hinomisaki

☆ Information of the 2014 BRM830Hiroshima300k

Map up to the start point from Higashi-Hiroshima Station.
http://yahoo.jp/3e3hFb (LatLongLab)
There are 20km until the starting point “Michinoeki kohannosato fukutomi”
There are several hotels near the Higashi-Hiroshima Station.
Event schedule:Saturday, August 30, 2014 2:00 Start open ~ Saturday, August
30 ,2014 22:00 Goal close
Distance:300 km
Start: Michinoeki kohannosato fukutomi 739-2303 Kuba1506,fukutomi-machi,Higashihiroshima-shi 082-435-2110
Goal: Seven-Eleven “Hiroshima Toyosaka town” store 739-2317 kajiya800,toyosaka-machi,Higashihiroshima-shi 082-432-3100
Start Check-in:Please complete until the start time of August 30 to check-in.Check-in
after completion, it is necessary to undergo a vehicle inspection immediately.
Start:The start time, please follow the instructions of staff.
Entry:Call for Participation is first-come, first-served basis using the
“sport entry”. It is a credit card settlement.
Application Period : June 1, 2014 ~ Jul 15, 2014
offer capacity:100 people
Attention for the participation of BRM.

1.In order to participate in the BRM, subscription to compensation with
insurance will be an absolute requirement. (
Please check the AJ site in greater detail)
2. Participants should know the phone number of the company with compensation
3.Do not have the staff to the goal point. Please put it in a designated
location “brevet card”.
4.Goal point and the starting point is a place where different. (Starting point) (goal point)
5.Participants please list the items mentioned to “brevet card”.
Please fill out the exact arrival time PC.
And, please post the “brevet card” in the car of a specified. starting point. →→“Brevet card” submission place.
6.”Brevet card” will be mailed in advance. Do not forget to bring
a brevet card conference date. (Not preliminary. It becomes the DNS If
you have forgotten.)
7.Participants please stop the car to the second parking lot.

 ・the first half way
 ・the return way
cue sheet

GPS data (gdb)
Entry list
the first half way                ? ?    the return way